Title Mentioned Used Lyrics Day/Time
Run Away Before I Know Evan Bourne Sheamus
Jim Ross
Jerry Lawler
"Written On My Face" Monday/7:18 PM

Read the words that are written in my face
Oh I believe them, I believe them
It’s a shame that they lost their head
A careless man who could wind up dead
You wear your sin like it’s some kind of prize
Too many lies, too many lies

“Written On My Face” hits the PA system as the crowd immediately burst out into boos. The Celtic Warrior Sheamus comes out onto the ramp. He takes a few steps, scanning the booing crowd before shaking his head. He pounds both hands on his chest before making his way down toward the ring.

'Good Ol JR' Jim Ross
"Well here he comes. The Celtic Warrior himself and isn't he impressive?"

'The King' Jerry Lawler
"I tell you JR, I don't know about this guy. It's like a human wrecking ball just waiting to knock something over."

'Good Ol JR' Jim Ross
"He always seems to be in a bad mood. No matter what. He's in a bad mood."

These words are true and I’ll make you believe
Yeah, you fight for air and struggle just to breathe
And you wear your cowardice well
And I will see you ride it straight to Hell

'The King' Jerry Lawler
"It's like someone pees in his Cheerios every single morning of his life."

Sheamus walks up the steel steps and climbs in under the top rope to get into the ring. He pounds both fist across his white chest once again and then holds out his arms in a crucifix manner. The music starts to die down as Sheamus takes a microphone. The crowd continues to boo.

'the celtic warrior' Sheamus
"Ya know a lot of people have been talkin' about The Celtic Warrior Sheamus. They've been wonderin' if I am here to stay or if I am like a hurricane and just a passing storm. I have only one thing to say to those people and that's Sheamus is here to stay. Ya see, I've made WWEDR me home and there isn't anything anyone can do about it."

'Good Ol JR' Jim Ross
"I guess we'll have to put up with him then."

'the celtic warrior' Sheamus
"People have also been saying that tonight in this very ring I am gonna suffer me first of many losses. They actually think Evan Bourne is gonna beat me. Hell, even Evan Bourne thinks he is gonna beat me. It must be nice to live in a magical place Evan. It must be nice to live in a place where all your dreams come true. It's about time I set this fooking record straight. I don't live in some magical place. I live in reality and tonight when Evan Bourne gets in the ring with me he's gonna feel first hand how harsh reality can be. Evan Bourne defies the odds because he defies gravity. Tonight fella, gravity ain't gonna be on ya side because I'm gonna ground ya small arse and I'm gonna keep it grounded until I am finished with ya. And it won't be a short and sweet little beatin' then everyone goes home, oh no. It's gonna take a long time and every second ya are in the ring with me Evan ya gonna be wishin', prayin' ya were someplace else. Maybe ya little "magical" place. Evan Bourne likes to think of himself as extreme. I have a hard time believing that little baby faced pansy can be anything extreme. The only thing that's gonna be extreme is the beatin' me gives to ya tonight Evan. When all is said and done there won't be room for ya smooth, flashy moves and I've gotta give it to ya lad, ya are flashy. But it won't be enough to stand up to The Celtic Warrior."

"Evan Bourne likes to say there is no fear in his heart but that's not true. Ya see, there is fear in that man's heart because I can smell it. Like a shark that smells blood in the water I can smell the fear radiatin' off your body Evan. Ya smart to have fear of me. Maybe ya are smarter than I gave ya credit fer. Ya say there is no limit to what ya will do to win. I believe that. In Ireland we have names fer people like ya Evan and that's called a coward. Ya have to resort to tactics not in the regulations to win a match. Your win loss record is sumthing to be ashamed of, not proud of. Ya want to point the finger at me win loss record and say I never win clean. I don't know what channel ya been watchin' fella but I always win clean because I always win. I always hurt sumbody."

Sheamus grins and starts pacing around the ring like a caged animal.

'the celtic warrior' Sheamus
"Ya say the only reason I am where I am today is because sumeone gave me an opportunity. Ya right fella. Sumeone looked at me and said there is a future champion. Sumeone looked at me and saw glory and honor and the will to fight. What do they see when they look at ya? They see a small little kid shaking his boots because the big bad men are gonna get him. Evan, ya make me sick. Ya think if ya are given the same opportunities ya could beat me in a fair fight. Evan ya off in ya magical world again. Ya see Evan there are winners and losers in this life and ya are just a loser lad. I'm sorry to have to break it to ya. Ya can't beat me on ya best night and tonight isn't even gonna be close to ya best night. Ya think ya been looked over and ya want ya opportunity to shine. Well fella, I'm standing right here waiting for ya to do sumething. But ya see I know ya not gonna to because ya a scared little brat. Ya an insect that I would crush under my boot. Ya nothing."

"People say you are the most exhilirating young star in the WWEDR. They say ya are Air Bourne. They say ya are amazing. What are they gonna be sayin' when I'm finished with ya? They are gonna talk about the career ya coulda had before ya stepped in the ring with the Irish Warrior. They're gonna talk about the loss opportunity and loss talent because after tonight lad, ya won't be wrestlin' again. I guarentee it. They say they don't think anyone flies any higher than ya Evan. That may be true. Of course, we'd have to ask RVD about flyin' high now wouldna we? Maybe ya two should get together sumetime and try to come up with sume kinda team to off set ya lack of ability. Because honestly Evan, all ya are is a leech feastin' off everyone else's skill, not ya own. The reason ya do this is because ya don't have any skill. They say ya have offenses never seen before. Well let me be the first to say I'm not impressed by ya fella. I never have been and I never will be. Tonight all ya offenses are gonna amount to a pile of shite on the mat. They say ya are exciting to watch. I'm not excited. In fact when I turn on the TV to watch one of ya matches I know exactly what I'm gonna get before I get it. Ya are a pre-packaged loser handing out piles of shite to anyone who will take them. And all of ya buy into it."

The fans boo.

'the celtic warrior' Sheamus
"Ya that's right. Boo all ya want because ya know it's the truth. They say Evan Bourne is the most electrifying star in the WWEDR today. They say a lot of things. That doesn't make them true. Evan ya nothing special and ya nothing unique. There have been a thousand guys like ya before and there will be a thousand guys like ya afterwards. May as well get use to it fella. They say ya are athetlic. That ya well built. When I look at ya Evan I see a puny little terd just waiting to get flushed down the toliet. Ya say ya friendly, ya happy go lucky, ya brave, ya all these things except one thing: a winner. Ya never win because ya were born a loser Evan. Some people just are born that way. Ya say ya are a veteran Evan but ya not. When I think of veteran I think of people like Ric Flair and I know ya can't be comparing ya pathetic self to sumeone like him. Ya say ya fight for all ya loyal fans but I ask you this. Are all ya loyal fans gonna jump the rail tonight to save ya arse from gettin' handed to ya? I think not. Ya can't depend on people Evan. I hope you take that piece of advice away with ya. If ya don't then I'll just beat it into ya. Ya say ya are intelligent. We've already went over this Evan. Ya aren't intelligent if ya agreed to step in the ring with me. I'm gonna be ya downfall. I'm gonna take ya down from the heavens above like a star and ground ya like a seed in the ground."

"Tonight Evan is when ya old life ends and a new one begins. I hope ya learn ya lesson tonight because I would hate to have to come and scrap ya body up and teach it to ya again."

"Beidh mé ag bháisteach síos ar tú ifreann na gcéad míle dóiteán."

"Tonight Evan, I'm comin' fer ya...."

"Written On My Face" hits the PA system once again as Sheamus raises both his arms and takes the middle turn buckle to taunt the crowd.

Sheamus pounds his chest once again before taking the middle turn buckle to taunt the crowd. He jumps down, paces the ring for a few seconds before climbing under the top rope and exiting the ring. He walks up the ramp turning back only once to peer at the ring he is going to be fighting in tonight.